Friday, March 5, 2010

2010 Academy Awards Predictions

So, here are my Oscar picks. No fuss, no muss. It' sort of a blah year in terms of nominees. But then again, it's the Oscars-- there usually aren;t many upsets.

Still, I'll be watching on Sunday. And here is who I think will be bringing home the gold.

Best Actor:
Should Win - Jeff Bridges
Will Win - Jeff Bridges
Wildcard - Jeremy Renner

Best Actress:
Will Win - Sandra Bullock
Wildcard - Gabourey Sibide

Best Supporting Actor:
Should Win - Christoph Walz
Will Win - Christoph Walz

Best Supporting Actress
Should Win - Monique
Will Win - Monique
Wildcard - Vera Farmiga

Best Director
Should Win - Quentin Tarantino
Will Win - Kathryn Bigelow

Best Screenplay (Original)
Should Win - Inglorious Basterds
Will Win - The Hurt Locker

Best Screenplay (Adapted)
Should Win - District 9
Will Win - Up in the Air
Wildcard - In The Loop

Best Picture
Should Win - Inglorious Basterds
Will Win - The Hurt Locker
Wildcard - Avatar

Best Documentary
Should Win - The Cove
Will Win - The Cove

Best Animated Film
Should Win - Coraline
Will Win - Up

Best Editing
Should Win - Inglorious Basterds

Best Original Score
Should Win - Sherlock Holmes

Best Art Direction
Will Win - Avatar

Best Cinematography
Will Win - Avatar

Best Foreign Language Film
Will Win - The White Ribbon


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