Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Dark City" Director's Cut coming to theaters?

Apparently the 1998 film "Dark City" has been revamped with a new score, a new edit and even added special effects for a short theatrical run before a DVD release. I think this is great news. The film is terrific, and being that it was released just about a year before "The Matrix", it's often forgotten. It's a dark, noirish sci-fi, and is really worth checking out.

I would like to catch it in the theater if I can (It should play somewhere near Philly) and I'll most certainly be picking it up on DVD. Though, I wonder if it will be released on Blu-ray? I'll have to check that out, because it would benefit from the high-def treatment, for sure.

Thanks to FilmJunk for the scoop on this one.

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