Friday, March 14, 2008

Lost Season 4 Episode 7: "Ji Yeon"

Episode 7 was relatively uneventful overall. It presented a neat little editing trick in the contrasting scenes of Sun giving birth and Jin presumably rushing to be by her side. Then again, if you were paying attention to the fact that Sun makes #6 of the Oceanic six, you would have caught on a little early. Anyway, here is what I noticed during last night's episode:

1.) I was thrilled to see Zoe Bell as one of the crew members aboard the freighter, but was pissed when they had her character commit suicide 10 minutes later. What a waste.

2.) However, the fact that the crew seem to be killing themselves is a very dark and interesting twist to the story of the people aboard the boat.

3.) Well, in the most anti-climactic build-up scene ever, we "discover" that Michael is indeed the mole aboard the boat. I suppose the twist is that the crew seems not to know who he really is. I was a bit let down that they didn't cut back to the meeting of Sayid, Desmond and Michael in the hall-- I guess that will start next week's show.

4.) English is perhaps the hardest language in the world to learn, and get a firm grasp of. Jin seem to have picked it up awfully fast. I know it's just a show, but c'mon...

5.) Juliet gave up the goods on Sun. Man, that was cold. After all this time I still don't think Juliet is a "good guy."

6.) I hope I'm not bordering on sounding racially insensitive here, but was it me or did they seem to cast a few Jin-look-a-likes during the birth of Sun's baby. The doctor and the man in the hallway (who obviously was supposed to look like him.) That was an interesting choice. In fact, I want to go back and watch, because I could have sworn that the 1/2 second shot right after the baby is born was, in fact, Jin. Have to check the DVR on that one.

7.) Jin is dead. Or so that is what we are meant to believe. Oh, and Hurley's hair looked ridiculous in that graveyard scene. Ridiculous.

So, as far as I know, next week will be the last show for a little while? I know during the writer's strike they had said that episode 8 is where it would be left off, but does that still stand? There has also been a rumor that the season as a whole will be cut to 12 episodes instead of 18-- cant speak to the truth of that. If anyone has any info, please feel free to leave it for me in the comments section.

As per usual... We shall see what happens next week.


Anonymous said...

there was originally supposed to be 16 episodes, the strike forced them to cut it down to 13. lindelof said that they will still cover the same story arc originally planned for the season. i guess that means some things will not be as detailed as previously planned

Kristin said...

Dude- Did you even notice the date on Jin's tombstone? It said he died September (xx), 2004... but when Desmond was calling Penny from the ship it was December 24, 2004. So is Jin one of the 8 that had survived the crash but did not come back as the Oceanic 6 as Jack said on the stand... or did they just say he died in the crash (I forget the date of the crash)... weird.